Thursday, May 25, 2006


When is an athlete no longer considered an athlete? I was involved in sports growing up. On the tennis team, volleyball team, swim team. I went to the gym and lifted weights regularly. In my adult life, I continued to lift weights, do aerobics classes, ride the bike, jog, and swim.

Then, I had kids. After kid #1, I ran a marathon. I rode my bike to Austin. Then I had kid #2 and fell into complete sloth mode. I trained for a half marathon and dropped out 2/3'rds into the program. I started and stopped exercising so many times. Right now, I average running about once every other week and haven't lifted weights in years.

But I did get a treadmill and the other night, I actually used it. My plan is commit 20 minutes every evening for a vigorous walk. 20 minutes out of my day- that isn't too much to ask. Maybe I should rig the TV so the power is generated from the treadmill.

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Anonymous said...

A very good idea but an estimate for sustainable power output for a human is only about 75 watts. It would have to be a small TV.