Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The kids LOVE gum. I HATE pulling it out of the carpet, floor boards in the car, off the bottom of my shoe. And that is where it always ends up. If for some mystical reason it actually ends up in the trash can, it will be the moment between taking out the full bag before putting in a fresh trash bag.

The car is the worst and the kids are not allowed to have it in the car anymore. Without thinking, I pulled a piece out my purse while driving to knock out the horrendous garlic laden breath I was sporting. I remembered the kids in the back that see EVERYTHING and I slowly pulled my hand out of my purse, unwrapped it in my lap, and turned my head to quickly put in my mouth.

That's when I hear- UH! from the back seat. I want gum! No, not in the car- you know why. Then the boy quips- you were trying to sneak it, weren't you? So we wouldn't see?


Anonymous said...

You are so busted!

Anonymous said...

I bet you save the good cookies until after your kids are in bed, too.