Thursday, April 13, 2006


I think I have once again managed to get us in completely over our heads. After days of debating my side of the housing issue, hubby came around 180 degrees. Except for the living in the little, old house part. He wants to buy it, tear it down, and build new right away. His attitude shifted so much, I was convinced he knew something I didn't. Like the house had already sold or he was using reverse psychology on me. We are submitting our offer today and it is nearly the asking price (which is unheard of for us). So, basically we're offering way more than it's worth and way more than we should and way more than we can afford (after we build new). Wheeeee!

Check back with me in two months when we're paying two house notes, working with an architect to design a house to agree with both of us, demo an existing home, build a new one as our own contractor, and trying to sell our house. In addition to me working gobs of overtime due to personnel shortage, running a real estate business, and did I mention two young children in the house?

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