Monday, April 10, 2006

Another great weekend

Friday evening was swimming lessons and then dinner at the in-laws. Saturday was a t-ball game, the spring fling for my office with moonwalks and pony rides and cotton candy, and then a birthday party at a nature center complete with a bunny show and treasure hunt. Sunday was household stuff and to my folks for lunch.

We went and checked out the house that I've hung all my dreams upon. It's a definite tear down. We're just not sure you can tear down in that area. I still think we could manage to live in it for a year. Especially if we built a garage. Here's my idea- rent out our house, build a garage with an apartment above on the new property. Live in the house while the garage apartment is built and then live in the garage apartment while the new house is built. We're looking at two years of transition- living in a construction zone and ending up with a mortgage the same size (or probably bigger) than the one we have now.

In other words, this idea does not simplify. It does provide close proximity to the elementary school (less than a block), much less commute time for me, and the ability to walk or ride bikes to the kid's activities and our family. The neighborhood is one in transition, although it has been for years. Most people are remodeling the existing homes with only a couple completely torn down. None have been torn down recently. I probably need to let this one go, but I'm not ready. I love the idea of living in that neighborhood and building a house to meet our needs.

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Lee said...

Wow! Exciting times ahead!