Monday, April 24, 2006

Another twist

I know you just can't enough of this saga, so I will fill you in on the latest. After hitting refresh on MLS every 30 seconds for three days straight and seeing the status on the house still active on market, I was a wreck. I finally got the answer on Friday- the contract had been signed, the buyers were doing the inspection that afternoon. Ok, fine, I can move on now.

Sunday morning, as we were about to head out for a family bike ride with my folks, the phone rings and I see on caller ID that it is my realtor. My heart skips a beat, I answer, and she tells me the contract has fallen through and we can have it if we're willing to accept their last counter and close quickly. Otherwise they will put it back on the market (not that they ever took it off).

Instead of bowing to all of their demands, we offered our last counter (which is only $2000 different, btw) and that we would close at the end of May. I expect to hear an answer back sometime today. And honestly, I don't expect them to accept it and at this point, I really don't care. So there, the emotional attachment is gone.


Sara said...

And now that the emotional attachment is gone, I'm sure you'll get it.


Lee said...

The emotion will come back if you get it!

Courtney said...

That's true- I am sure it will be a mixture of fear, panic, elation, and more fear. :)

Courtney said...

Just as I suspected- they aren't going to budge. Well, good luck to them! Ha!