Tuesday, April 11, 2006


If my company wins one of the prospects we're chasing, it looks like I will not see daylight in many, many months. There is not enough manpower available in the city and the ones we are hiring need training and close supervision. My counterparts executing a job similar to what I will be doing are working 14 hour days. Sounds like a great time to be thinking about moving, doesn't it? This just proves my point, I am insane.

Darkle, please come back!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Me? come back? Not just, well, I shouldn't burn any bridges because no one can ever know the future. But to work 14 hours a day? That is just not anywhere on my agenda. I did look but found absolute no mention. The invitation is appreciated though. I must, unfortunately with a heavy heart consign you to your fate. But I do take reservations for hugs.

Don't bother looking. There are no people available. The ones we are getting are the ones tired of working 14 hour days!