Friday, April 14, 2006

I made a telemarketer laugh

I received the same phone call on our other line from the american family value group (or whatever they call themselves). It was my second chance at debate, but this one was even less fun than the first. She would ask me questions and I would answer. Only her response did not reflect my answer. She followed the script perfectly and did not bobble.

Either the script didn't allow for objections or she decided to skip that part, but I started wondering if I was talking to a real person or a computer. When she finally decided to pause, I asked -"are you a real person or am I talking to a computer?" Then she laughed and answered that I had been talking to "Ok, real, live person, please remove our number from your list."


Anonymous said...

Really it was just a very sophisticated computer program. Those telemarkets as just extremely clever.

Do you have your number on the national do-not-call list? I do. That and the fact that it is unlisted which the phone company charges more for. How can they charge for something they don't do??? Well, I never get calls from telemarketers. Or much from anyone else for that matter.

Courtney said...

Yes, we're on the "do not call list" and our number is unlisted. That only means when telemarkets call, they first state that they are not selling anything.

It has GREATLY reduced the number of calls we get, but not eliminated.

Anonymous said...

I found it interesting that when I did not give the "family value" telemarketer the kinds of responses they were looking for their 20 min. survey strangely turned into a 10 min. survey. Hmmmm.