Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I am in Lake Charles right now for a work meeting. Hotel rooms are still hard to come by with most still shut down from damage due to hurricane Rita last September. The plant had 'trailer city' set up for months but is slowly sending the trailers back as the employees are able to move back home. Trying to find a room for this trip was terrible. Fortunately, there weren't any trailers available. Even more fortunately, the only rooms available are at the new casino in town- L'auberge du Lac. Tough assignment, but I'm handling it ok.

Hubby flew in yesterday evening to help contribute to the local economy. Our tally from last night- he was down $90 from playing craps, but I made $45 at Carribean Stud. We each had a beer, so that comes to $22.50 a beer. He flew back this afternoon and I think I'm done gambling for this trip.

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Anonymous said...

If it becomes too much for you just let me know and I will be happy to fill in. At least the hotel part. You can still do the work part. I won't mind.

For the price of just two beers I could have made two cases.