Monday, January 09, 2006

Just like I'd imagined

We found the best place in town for riding bikes. It's the kind of place that if we were visiting from out of town, we'd wish we lived there to be able to use it. George Bush park, on the west side of town, has miles and miles of paved roads winding through trees and with long bridges ambling over streams. One route takes you to Katy, where you can hook up with an almost infinite number of routes. The other path takes you to Terry Hershey park, which has miles of miles of scenic routes. Having lived in that area, we used to ride on of the paths often but they have greatly expanded the park system.

So, Saturday we packed up the bikes and the kids and attempted our second family bike ride. The first being in our neighborhood, which with cars, sidewalks, curbs, and stop signs did not go very well. On the unobstructed bike path, the boy did great! We rode 6 miles Saturday afternoon and went back Sunday morning for another 6. The wind had picked up Sunday, so it took some coaxing to get the boy to finish Sunday, but he did. The girl kept herself entertained on the back of my bike by singing about the color of my shirt. It was all very enjoyable and we can't wait to do it again.

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