Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Losing it

Ok, fine. It's not the useless garbage in my head causing me to lose my mind. I'll admit it. It must be caused by intergalactic gravitational pulls or possibly aliens. Yesterday, I am sitting at my desk, searching desperately for my motivation (how rude for it to go on vacation without me!!!) and my stomach starts growling. It is only 8:30, much too early for lunch hunger pains. I try to remember what I ate for breakfast and that's when it hit me, I forgot to eat breakfast. I had my coffee, no way am I going anywhere without that, but forgot to eat. I'm the type of person that when someone tells me they forget to eat, I only half believe them. NO ONE forgets to eat. At least not me. Until yesterday.

When I picked up my son from the extended day program at his school, I searched for his name in the book to sign him out. Only I couldn't find it. Because I was looking under my MAIDEN name. Which I guess is understandable since I've only been married for nearly 10 years.

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I'm right behind you, though...