Monday, July 30, 2007

Alive, barely

We made it through the move. Three intense days of packing, moving, cleaning, and more packing. We had been packing and sorting since April, so we were completely amazed how much work was left to do. The little things seem to multiply as you pack them. The majority of our belongings are either sold, donated, or in storage and the four humans plus dog plus cat are living with my parents. I was hoping to wake up this morning and this would all be a nightmare, but no such luck.

In other news, things are still not progressing well on the house (and any schedule delays are amplified by the fact that we are living with my parents). Tile was started on Saturday and fortunately my folks stopped by to check progress because the tilers were working without a level, without snapping lines, and without spacers. Needless to say, everything was a bit off. I called the builder and had him remove the amateurs from the job. So now we're even further behind. Sigh.

Did I mention that everything for work is due this week as well? Calgon, take me away!


Sara said...

So, really, how is this any different from your normal life?


Lee said...

What's that old show business saying - "It's be alright on the night"?

That or "one day you will look back and laugh!".