Thursday, July 05, 2007

They thought of everything

Toys that have not been seen or heard in years have come to the surface in the massive packing project currently underway. The kids started playing with this alphabet caterpillar where it will say the letter or sing songs or sound out the sound of the letter. The boy presses the letter 'f' and takes it to his father- Dad! This says a bad word!

So, dad, being the big kid that he is tries to sound out bad words. F-U-C: only it says Fuh-Uh- giggle, giggle, that tickles! He tries again. F-U-K: fuh-uh- giggle, giggle, that tickles! F-A-T: Fuh-Ah-Ta. D-A-M: Duh- Ah- giggle, giggle, that tickles!

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