Thursday, July 05, 2007


I am usually fairly laid back and take changes in stride. But one in particular has me irked. The girl's school is requiring uniforms for the pre-K program starting in the fall. My biggest issue- they are ugly. My second issue- I hate being told what to do and being told how to dress my child for school definitely falls into that category. Not to mention that I'm cheap and most of her clothes are gifts and now I have to buy an entire wardrobe that will be useless come next summer.

I don't believe any of the BS associated with uniforms. 'The kids concentrate less on what each other is wearing and more on their education.' 'The kids feel part of a community because they are all wearing the same clothes.' Maybe the kid feels like a robot? Or a drone? Or even more controlled than they already are at 4 years old!!!!! And most of all, it feels pretentious. Argh.


Anonymous said...

Color me weird, but I loved having a uniform code for my kids. (We didn't have uniforms, but they had a "uniform dress code" meaning I could buy whatever brands I wanted that conformed to the rules). It completely cut out the "What am I going to wear?" morning drama. And everything always went with everything else, so there was never "but I wanted to wear this shirt today and I don't care if the pants aren't clean".

Then again, I'm a total slacker parent, so uniforms appeal to my general laziness.

Anonymous said...

I know I would hate like hell to wear a uniform to school. My goodness, I wouldn't even wear those stupid project golf shirts on the days we were required to wear them. I am sure you remember the project. It is the one we actual met on.

I can see some advantages but would hate the forced conformity. Hey, since you no longer work there I can say this. Fluor sucks!

Lucas M said...

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