Monday, July 02, 2007

Buckets of oil

This weekend I had one huge task I needed to complete: finalizing and summarizing my choices for lighting and plumbing fixtures. I had already spent upwards of 10+ hours perusing the internet and the catalogs from the builder and was totally confused. I asked interior decorator mom for help and the kids and I went to visit Friday night. Only then did I remember that I left the lighting catalog on my desk at work.

So, Saturday I loaded up the kids and we headed to my office. I showed them around a bit and then we headed to my folks. I asked if they were excited to see my office and the girl answers Yes! and the boy answers No! I ask him why not and he said because it was boring- just a chair and desk and some other stuff. Curious, I ask what he expected to see. He knows that I work for a large company famous for producing gasoline, and he thought I would take buckets and dig up oil out of the earth and bring them back to my office and pour them in a computer that would make gasoline.

My dad is an engineer as well and as a kid the boy's age I thought he drove a train. The boy has a much better grasp of reality than I did at his age.

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