Sunday, April 01, 2007

What I've learned

I came here for technical training, but more importantly, cultural awareness. Here is a just a few of the things I have learned this week:

Stereotypes about Americans:
- overfed
- overpaid
- oversexed
- not funny
(Hopefully I dispelled at least 2 of the stereotypes...)

What I've learned about Europe:
- German is not the ugliest language; Dutch beats it hands down
- We do not speak the same language as the Brits
- There is a lot of farmland in The Netherlands
- Europeans do not eat healthier than Americans; McDonald's is everywhere, chips and soda and candy are staples in the grocery store- but they walk or ride bicycles everywhere

What I've learned about myself:
- I can survive alone
- I can make friends with anyone around the country
- I look Dutch
- I love being with my family and miss them terribly when they are not around

2 more days until I leave for home!

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