Thursday, April 19, 2007


The boy (TB): Mom? When I buy a pet, can I name it anything I want?
Fuddy Duddy Mom (FDM): Mom and Dad have to agree before you buy a pet.
TB: I want to buy a bird and bird cage. Can I?
FDM: No. Not now.
TB: Uh! What about when I am a teenager?
FDM: Maybe. We don't need to decide that now.
TB: Will they still have bird cages at PetSmart in 9 years? And birds?
FDM: Yes they will.
TB: I'm going to name my bird Gangster.
FDM: Why?
TB: Because it's cool.
FDM: Gangsters aren't cool- they are groups of kids that do bad things and end up in jail or killed. Still want to call your bird Gangster?
TB: No. I'll call it Yo.

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