Thursday, April 19, 2007

They are so cute. Before they can walk and talk.

I received a call from the vice principal at the boy's school yesterday afternoon. Apparently he said 'f#$k' in class and the teacher told him it was not appropriate language. Then he kept taunting her by repeating 'fuh' over and over again. She finally wrote him up and the VP made him call me and tell me what he said. She put him on the phone and I said boy- what did you do? He replied- I said a bad word. I heard the VP in the background saying tell her what you said. Um, I said, well it ends with a 'k' and begins with an 'f' and there is a 'uc' in the middle.
The VP gets back on the phone and tells me the story. And that he will not be allowed to participate in field day. I reassure her that he will be punished at home.

He had a baseball game last night, so as I am telling this story to two other moms, they both told me of the first time their boy said the word. One mom said she has a special bar of soap just for such occasions. I already told him he would get his mouth washed out with soap and I had planned on using liquid soap since that what my mom used growing up :) But I thought the bar of soap was too good an idea to pass up, so I opened up a very special bar of Dial just for him last night. Good times, good times.

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Be sure and check the MSDS first. Some seem to be just fine for that purpose.