Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Weekend recap

Friday evening was the ball and a Czech from class and I went to the ball together. We took the tram, but because of an accident on the tram, we hopped off and walked about a mile to the ball at an old church in Den Haag. We left early to catch the last train, but did not have the right coins for the machine, so we walked and walked and walked and finally caught a taxi back to Risjwijk.

Saturday, I spent at Scheveningen with a Zambian now living in Germany and his French friend now living in Germany. They were heading back to Cologne and I wanted to tour Amsterdam, so we drove to Utrecht to sight see and eat lunch. They headed off and I took the train into Amsterdam.

I stepped out of the train station and was almost panicked seeing all the masses of people. I was determined to see the Anne Frank House and was also determined not to be seen as a tourist, so I walked around in circles until I finally relented and pulled out a map.

I found the house and then I saw the line halfway around the building. Even though the sun was starting to set and I wanted to be back on the train by dark, I knew I must stay. I finally reached the front and went inside. It was an eiry feeling knowing that I in the very rooms that 8 people hid from the Germans for years.

After the tour, I wanted to see the red light district. I walked and walked and walked and nearly gave up until I started seeing sex shops and knew I was in the right place. I walked quickly down the street as it was Saturday night and I could tell the clientel was changing and I was by myself. I then headed back to the train.

Sunday, I spent at Keukenhof with my former supervisor and his family. The flowers were blooming and the weather was perfect as it had been all week long.

Monday, I headed into the office to meet a few people and then toured the Bodies exhibit and ate a quick dinner before heading back to my hotel.

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Lee said...

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Great to pop in and see you have been (still are?) travelling. I think it should be compulsory - it makes you appreciate home much better at one level but also puts home in a much better perspective compared to teh world, on another.