Monday, April 30, 2007

Just another Monday

I have learned to loathe Mondays. The weekend and party time is over and it is back to the daily grind of life. Working for a living. Living life for The Man. Paying dues to Uncle Sam. It started off like any other Monday. Tired and groggy, I drag myself out of bed hoping for a snow day, rain out, ice, anything to keep from going to work. I finally make it into the office and rinse out my coffee mug, head to the coffee crack machine and join the other working stiffs for a cup of joe to make the day a little easier.

I start on my work and before I know it, lunch has arrived. The phone rings and it is my realtor. She has good news! The buyer has accepted our counter offer and not only do we have the house SOLD! but we have a lease for 2 months so we only have to move once. I celebrate! I dance! I call hubby and he celebrates with me. The his other line rings and when he gets back to me, he has more good news. Our new rental is leased! Finally!

Don't expect too much more from me this week; I'm off on another boondoggle at a resort in The Woodlands.

1 comment:

Sara said...

Is this for real? Come on - Nothing could work out that perfectly!

Congratulations, anyway! :)