Monday, September 04, 2006

Sick as dogs

What a waste of a long weekend!! Thursday night, we went over to my technical manager's house with some of my coworkers and our spouses. Hubby got paybacks for the years of parties I attended where the only topic of discussion was flying. We spent the evening drinking, eating, and talking about people, career opportunities, and travel.

Friday morning, I woke up sick, sick, sick. Could not keep anything down all day, not even tiny sips of water. At first I thought it was the 4 glasses of wine, but then hubby got equally sick Saturday morning. I haven't spoke to anyone from Thursday night, but we're convinced it was food poisoning from the food we ordered. I slept almost all day Friday and part of Saturday, and hubby spent Saturday and Sunday in bed. Luckily, the family has been entertaining the kids. My folks had the kids Thursday night and almost all day Saturday. The boy went to church again with my grandparents and he is really enjoying it. I keep getting back reports of how well behaved he is- complete opposite of the reports from school. I asked why and he answered that they let him run around in Sunday school. Active little boys who love to talk and move around just don't fit into the mold for school.

Hopefully we'll be able to manage something fun on this long holiday weekend.

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Someone, and I am just sort of talking out loud here, should really consider updating.