Monday, August 28, 2006

Big truck

What an interesting weekend! I ate lunch Friday with several former coworkers. I don't miss the work or the company, but I really miss the people. Friday afternoon, hubby took the kids to swimming and I worked late trying to catch up on the same deliverables I've been referring to for weeks.

Early Saturday morning, hubby left for work. I picked up one of Andy's best friends to play substitute hubby at the fantasy football draft at Star Pizza. The kids were fairly well behaved with each of them bursting into tears only once (maybe twice) for various reasons. We were able to relax at home for about 45 minutes and then off to our next adventure. We met up with friends who are in town at her parent's house. And waited for the 32 foot long Hummer to take us to Wings N More as a birthday present for the husband. We all had a blast and the girl wants to take the "big truck" every time we go out to eat now.

Sunday was not so much fun. I met up with coworkers to try to knock out some work as our latest deadline to miss is today. And the connection to our software was down. After wasting 3 hours trying to get it to work, call someone to make it work, and finally giving up, we spent another 4 hours discussing what needed to happen today and formulating the plan.

The boy went to church with my grandparents (his first time!) and the girl spent the day with my in-laws. At least they enjoyed their day!

So, here I am at 6:15 Monday morning, wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep and not wake up until Tuesday.


Sara said...

Good luck with your day!!!

Courtney said...

You may have to save space over there for me.

Sara said...

You know, there's always room! :)

But seriously, did you survive?...