Friday, August 25, 2006


Another incredible week. Not in a good way however. Everything blew up at work, not just not meeting client expectations and the client running it all the way up to the top in our organization, but also major blowups within our own group. It's been ugly, to say the least. I know it will all work out and things will improve, but even if they don't, hey, I have plenty of other options. I am just happy the controversy does not really involve me.

In other words, the honeymoon is over! Don't get me wrong, I still love my job, but let's just say I can definitely pick out all the faults now. I did eat lunch with former coworkers today and it sounds like they are not having anymore fun than myself.

In other news, when I got home this evening, all was quiet. Hubby has the kids at swimming lessons and they are not due home for a half hour, so I poured a glass of wine and jumped on the computer. Why, I don't know since I spend all day on the computer at work, but I guess it is just a habit. Checked email. Oh, fantasy football draft tomorrow. Insert groan here. I hate football. Nothing else too exciting. Hopped over to the internet and not feeling creative, check the drop down list for ideas to surf.

And there I find www frootloops com. No periods, just spaces. I will have to assume the boy's been on the computer.

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