Monday, August 21, 2006

Catching up

After being out of town the previous two weekends and working like a dog last week, I was more than happy to have a three day weekend at home. The boy and I spent some quality time together Friday, his last day of summer. We spent a good portion of Saturday with my parents and then the kids and I went to a party Saturday evening. They have a son the boy's age and a girl the daughter's age so it was a fun time for all. They happen to live two blocks from our house, in the adjoining neighborhood but since we live in a snooty gated neighborhood, we had to hop a fence to walk over.

Sunday, hubby arrived home from a red eye flight at the same time we all climbed out of bed, so I rounded up the kids and headed back to my folks so he could sleep for a few hours. We had friends over Sunday afternoon and spent time at the pool and catching up.

This morning, we walked the boy to his first day of first grade. My, it is going by so fast.

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