Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stress, relaxation and illness

Last week was another monster week, albeit short. Two very long days to be exact. Monday was a holiday and then it was vacation time Thursday- our annual family retreat to New Braunfels and it came none too soon. Thursday morning we took the sketches to one of the builders we are considering and he helped immensely with the plans. Thursday afternoon we met with the attorney and finally have notarized wills and living wills. After school let out, we picked up the boy and headed out of town for much needed R&R.

When I picked the girl up from school Wednesday afternoon, they told me she was sick. No fever, but late in the afternoon started complaining and not acting well. We went ahead to baseball practice, but then had to leave early because she was getting worse. By the time we got home, her fever was 102. It peaked at 103.5 that night. She complained that her stomach hurt. By the time we left Thursday afternoon, she was feeling much better and didn't have a fever.

Well, wouldn't ya know, Saturday evening I suddenly felt ill and was getting chills. I laid in bed Saturday night and did what I had to Sunday to pack up and come home. Took my temperature Sunday evening and it was 101.5, only it took my 3 days to get over.

It did rain on us Saturday and was a little cool, so most of us did not get in the normally frigid river or pool (with the water pumped in from the river). The kids swam for bits and got out with chattering teeth and purple lips. All of that considered, the trip was great and the kids LOVE being all around the family.

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Sara said...

Isn't it unfair how the kids can recover so quickly, but the adults have to suffer for days and days? It really should be the other way around!!!