Wednesday, September 20, 2006

School homework

I am really confused. The boy's been in first grade since August 21st and the only homework sent home is for the parents. He had weekly homework assignments that consisted of 7 or 8 pages in kindergarten.

But that's not the point of this post. The latest assignment was to describe to your child how they got their name. I am afraid this will be TMI for the teacher and the boy. Let's just say, his name happens to coincide with the location in where he was conceived. I spent two days pondering on how to skirt the issue. Oy.


Anonymous said...

If that ever catches on there might be a lot of people named "Dodge".

Anonymous said...

Ha! We were just talking about this on one of my boards. Lots of people would have children named "posturpedic" and "coat closet", it seems.

You can always say he was named after a place with "very special memories".

Mrs. Angry said...

Are you Courtney Love? Now I'm really confused. I thought you had a daughter called Frances Bean? Where did this one come from? I hope it wasn't Nicolas Cage, I can't stand him.

Mrs. A