Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend wrap up

The resort was UNBELIEVABLE. The scenery was wonderful, the food divine, the wine glass never ending. Gift baskets appeared in my room during the day. I like how the other half live. Most (ok, all except my small group) were CEO's, president, vice president. And then there was myself and my two coworkers.

Friday evening was cocktails and then a really nice dinner. First time I'd had 50 year aged balsamic vinegar. Saturday was golf and I tried my best, which was definitely not good enough. I've only played once and it was 7 years ago. I enjoyed it so much, I am planning on taking lessons. Saturday afternoon was lunch, then a hot stone massage and a little swimming followed up with another cocktail hour and dinner. I decided to give my team a reprieve and let someone who knew how to golf play in my place.

Hubby came up with the kids Saturday evening, although he made it in too late to join me for dinner. Sunday, we ate breakfast with one of my coworkers family- wife and twin 4 year olds and then hung out at the pool for a few hours. From there, we headed up to visit our friends/business partners in Temple. The kids played and we talked trailer park and then stopped by the trailer park on the way out of town for a quick meeting with the manager.

We didn't get home until 10:30 Sunday evening and I was so incredibly sore from golf. Which is not surprising considering how many times I'd have to swing to make contact :)

Monday morning we met with the architect and gave him our comments on the plans. Hopefully we can get some momentum going with that and actually build the house in our lifetime. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Sounds tortuous. Those fiends.

Anonymous said...

I used to golf. I'll take lessons with you if you're serious. C-

Courtney said...

YES!!!! Awesome!!!