Monday, August 14, 2006

Teach the children well

While at the beach, the boy had to pee. And being the lazy parents that we are and instead of taking him all the way back to the locker rooms by the parking area, hubby told him to pee in the ocean. Not understanding the nuances of peeing in the ocean, the boy proceeds to walk into the water about ankle deep and pull down his swim suit. STOP! Hubby yells! That's not how you pee in the ocean! Walk out until you're waist deep and just pee through your shorts. Really, the boy asks incredulously? Through my shorts?

On the way home from Galveston, I bought us each a drink and told the kids to please not drink all 16 ounces of water or we'd never make it home without one last visit to a public restroom. Of course they finish the water and 15 miles from home the boy shouts- I HAVE TO GO NOW OR I WILL PEE ON MYSELF!!!! I was able to distract him long enough until we made it into our driveway where he proceeds to jump out of the truck and pee on the side of the house.

I presume we have no room to complain after the ocean incident....

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