Monday, August 29, 2005

Emergency Room Part II

Not a good weekend. Little baby girl had to go back to the hospital. She wasn't responding to her inhaler Friday evening and hubby finally took her to the ER Friday around 9:30. He and my dad spent the night in the ER with her and my mom relieved them Saturday morning. The doctors were still concerned with her breathing and they admitted her that afternoon to watch her over night. We finally brought her home yesterday morning. She'll probably get the diagnosis of asthma at her pediatrician's office when I take her in tomorrow.

She is such a brave little girl. And she can manage to have fun no matter where she is. I just worry so much about her. Not being able to breathe must be the most terrifying experience. Fortunately this time was no nearly as bad as in April and she didn't have to get an IV or go to the progressive care unit. The incidence of asthma in children is growing rapidly and especially in the Houston area. Maybe we should move.


Tisha from Texas said...

I remember when my son had an attack at 14 months old. Scariest thing I ever went through to this day! Prayers for you and little baby girl.
And about Houston, I'd look into the smog factor down there. Heard it's bad.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very stressful. The kids I watch only get light asthma attacks, so I'm fortunate for that, although it is scary all the same.