Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Smokin' Party

The boy's 4th birthday party was a success! Everyone made it to the fire station on time, which was a good thing since they'd overbooked and sent us to a different one a couple of miles away. Which meant my directions to the park after the tour were useless.

After a quick look at how firemen live when on duty, we got to the good stuff- the truck and the gear. All I heard was *blah blah blah* and then he opened the door with the tools- the axes and picks and all that good stuff- ooooooh. One of the firemen graciously put himself into gear including mask and air tank. I'm surprised none of the kids wigged on that one.

Next, they climbed into the ambulance where the paramedics explained all their cool stuff. Both trucks turned on their lights (I was secretly hoping for the sirens) and they gave all the kids goodie bags with stickers and coloring books and a tattoo.

We all headed to the park where the boy's moonwalk was set up (yes, my son owns his own moonwalk- no, he's not spoiled *heh*) and lunch was served. It was a very nice sunny day with a heat index only around 110 and 92% humidity. We decided to cut the invite list by 300 and had only 30 people at the party, so the gift opening only took half the day. I would say it was a very enjoyable time even with the heat exhaustion.

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the rose said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm sure the kids enjoyed it.