Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Don't mess with me- I'll write you a letter!

I learned as a little girl that when a business ticks you off, write a letter. And copy the better business burueau. That'll teach you. Thanks Mom! Here's a copy of what I sent to Hotel Galvez:

I would like to express to you my displeasure in your hotel’s customer service. My grandparents spent their honeymoon over 60 years ago in your hotel and myself and the other grandchildren decided to send them back as a Christmas present this past year. I ordered the gift certificate in November and received it shortly after.

In March, when my grandparents made the reservation, my credit card was charged again. I called at the end of March and again in April to resolve the matter. The duplicate charge was not removed, so when my grandparents checked into the hotel, they spoke with the manager on call at the time, Dwayne, regarding the issue. He said it was a problem with my credit card, but they would resolve it. The charge was still not removed, so I called again. Exasperated, I called one more time and left a message with the accounting department and said if the charge was not credited to my account within 24 hours, I would dispute the charge through my credit card company. I was forced to proceed with the and imagine my surprise when several months go by and I receive a rebuttal from your hotel attached with a copy of the order from me and a copy of the gift certificate (which said at the bottom that it was charged to my credit card in November). I spoke with Cindy Staton and was informed no record existed of the charge in November. I have since faxed copies of my credit card statements showing both charges. I have wasted numerous hours trying to resolve this issue which was through no fault of my own.

The irony is that when my grandparents arrived on their honeymoon night, their reservation (which had been made for months), was lost and the hotel was completely booked. The first night of their honeymoon and they spent it in the hotel lobby until a room opened up. Over 60 years and you have still to get it right.


Anonymous said...

What? No copy to Marvin Zindler?

Courtney said...

I came home last night to a message from Hotel Galvez. We reviewed the credit card statements and you were double billed! All said with suprise. Duh. They did apologize and then proceeded to say my credit card would refunded like they were doing me some big favor. Wow- you're REALLY going to credit the charge that you'd double billed? How kind.

Michael said...

Do you think they read your blog? Or the letter?

Courtney said...

Maybe. Somebody googled her name and found me. Might have been her.