Thursday, June 03, 2004

My 5 Questions

Thanks to Sara for providing the following questions.

1. How and when did you first become aware of blogging?I first became aware of blogging about a month ago. It was something that a coworker stumbled upon while creating his website.

2. What inspired you to start your own?
Blogging seemed like a great way to document the stories that quickly evaporate from my mind and to share with friends and family the daily funnies from my kids.

3. How should a childless couple eating dinner in a relatively grown-up place deal with a nearby table with two out-of-control children completely disrupting the entire restaurant?Pour some whiskey in the bottle when the parents aren't looking. Seriously, there's nothing more stressful than taking our kids out to dinner. But maybe that's because we actually care when they act up and disturb other diners. That's also why we frequent family friendly restaurants- i.e. LOUD. So, to answer the question, order yourself drinks. Lots. Or ask to be moved.

4. Is loud sighing inappropriate? Yes, as are dirty looks. However, be prepared for snarky looks from me if I'm trying my best!

5. What kind of car do you drive and do you think it represents your personality well? I drive a F-150 super crew when hubby's working (it's his car) and a Focus (which I hate) when he's home. Neither represent my personality. But it's no longer about me, unfortunately.

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The Bat said...

Thanks for answering the questions!

The thing about kids in restaurants: I just really would like to know how to deal with that situation. I like kids, you know, but they can really ruin a good meal. And it often seems that the parents are clueless. I've seen a child throw its meal of a cup of yogurt ONTO a stylish young woman walking past and the parents didn't even acknowledge it. The woman stopped for a moment in shock and then continued on to the restroom to clean herself up. What else can you do? Get into a fistfight with the parents?