Thursday, March 18, 2010

School lunches

Since we started the Feingold program over a year ago, I've packed the kids lunches every day. I always felt guilty about letting them eat the school lunches anyways as they always looked disgusting and were loaded with fat, salt, sugar and a host of undesirable ingredients.

I stumbled across a blog today from a teacher in Illinois who is eating a school lunch every day to bring attention to this very issue. I've read through a few months worth and it appears her school lunches are more appetizing than the ones I've seen at our school, and believe me- hers do not look appetizing! Find her blog here.

I am extremely excited with both the initiatives by Michelle Obama and Jaime Oliver. It's time to stand up for our kids and protect their health!

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Sara said...

I found that blog earlier this year, too! It's really interesting and sad at the same time.

Kinda reminds me of the healthcare debate - everyone knows there's something wrong with the system, but the bureaucracy won't allow a real change.

Thank goodness we have the means to buy and send healthy lunches with our kids instead of letting them eat the processed school lunches. (although I must admit, I haven't seen much of the food that's served in our school - I just hear the menu occasionally over the loudspeaker and it doesn't sound so good)

Have you checked out your school's lunches?