Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home movies

All kinds of nice viruses have made its way around our house the past few weeks. We've alternated taking turns getting sick and have spent quite a bit of time indoors watching home movies. The kids get such a kick out of seeing themselves when they're younger. Sudsy kept calling out his name while watching Bubby at his age. It's no wonder I mix up their names all the time.

I'm so thankful to have the kids on video to remind us how Bubby used to have a little lisp and how Smoochie crawled while dragging one leg behind her. It all goes by way too fast. Bubby's already heading into the tween years and gets calls from his friends (on their cell phones!!) at all hours. I don't even move when I hear the phone ring now as I know it's not for me.

Sudsy is talking up a storm and we're even able to understand most of what he says. He calls all big animals elephants. The kids are on spring break this week and hubby took them all to the zoo on Monday. We'll see if that helped clear a few things up for Sudsy.