Friday, February 06, 2009

Karma bites

The accident I was involved in recently could have been avoided if either I was giving enough distance between myself and the car in front of me for the given weather conditions and or my vehicle was properly maintained. I learned from it and have been a safer driver since. I had to travel close to down town the other day to apply for my TWIC card. Another government mandate to 'help protect the safety of the American people'. Whatever. I was told I had to do it, so I did it.

On the drive home, I was traveling on a notoriously heavily policed freeway and was sure to mind my manners more than usual. I'm traveling behind a vehicle who is going the posted speed limit. A cop is off to the side, so the vehicle in front slows way down. I wait for the car on my right to pass and then move to the right hand lane. I do want to travel the speed limit. That car sees the cop and slows way down. Cop pulls off side of road and gets behind me and turns on his lights. I start moving over to let the cop pass. He keeps following so I pull off the freeway. I finally figure out he's pulling me over for some reason that I can not comprehend. I stay on the feeder, waiting for a place to pull off the road. He finally comes on the speaker telling me to pull over now. Whatever, was trying to keep this guy from getting killed by people exiting the freeway, but we'll do it his way.

So, the usual asking for license and insurance. He goes back to his car and when he comes back with the ticket asks if I was following the black BMW in front of me. I explain what happened and he cites me for following too closely and not using my blinker. The whole scene would not have happened without him sitting there waiting. I usually use my blinker, but apparently did not (of course how he saw that from his vantage point is another story entirely). My violations were not even on the preprinted top 8 violations and the cop had to right them in. What a total crock!!!!

All I can figure is this is karma for not getting a ticket for the accident. That and a total racket to raise money for the city.


Sara said...

Well, I tried to comment on this earlier, but apparently it didn't take.

I say you need to show up to court armed with posterboards and little car cut-outs. Then show that there's no way the police officer could have seen whether or not your blinker was on from his vantage point. Nor could he have been able to tell if you were following too closely. Was he actually counting 1-mississippi, 2-mississippi from his car?

Maybe you need to explain to the officer the difference between subjective and objective.

Anonymous said...

They teach Cops t0 be A-Holes in some type of School. There are some Decent Cops, but very few. My Son was a COP, but admitted that they were so crooked he quit after 12 years.