Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boys and drugs

Hubby and I had another fun filled day with the principal at Bubby's school. It is actually the first such meeting this year, but if his behavior doesn't change quickly, the punishments will get serious quickly.

His behavior is completely normal, only he does it at innapropriate times. He is a sweet, funny, smart, personable kid but does not have any impulse control. We have had many, many discussions and many years of trial and error on how to help him. In my mind, this is the end of the road. We have already picked the low hanging fruit and none worked. We are throwing everything at him, including changing his diet drastically. If this doesn't work, I just don't know what we'll do. This has to work.

We know many, many of his friends that are on drugs for ADD and I don't in any way judge their decisions. We have chosen not to medicate and are very uncomfortable with the idea. I am just so afraid that if this doesn't work, we will have exhausted all other options. He is capable of so much. We really want him to succeed and he really wants to succeed. This has to work.

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