Thursday, September 18, 2008

All is fine

Hubby had to fly out Friday before the storm to get aircraft out of the area, so he sat in Denver until Monday. Fortunately, my parents agreed to ride out the storm with me and the kids. We decided my house was the safest as it has twice as many hurricane clips as required by code. As I'm sure everyone around can attest, it was a long and scary night. The power finally went out for good around 2 am. We all slept in the living room and cleaned out the storage space under the stairs in case we heard a tornado. When daylight finally broke and the wind wound down, we were able to survey the damage. Branches and trees down, fences blown over but no major damage anywhere. We were very fortunate.

We made a quick decision to pack up and move out to my folks place in the country as the baby was cranky and clammy and the kids were getting stir crazy. We emptied the refrigerators and headed out thinking we'd be back in a day and all would be back to normal. We finally arrived home Wednesday night and are living at my folks as we still do not have power restored. My office is closed, the kids are out of school this entire week.

One of the rentals has a significant hole in the roof and some sheetrock damage, but I consider us extremely lucky. About half the people in my family are waiting on power, but none of my family nor friends had major damage and thankfully no injuries. My thoughts are with those still struggling with the aftermath of hurricane Ike. I'll post pictures soon.

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