Monday, January 08, 2007

Yeah! We have a decision!

I think. In case you haven't been following the saga, here is a little background. We bought a house. A very, very old house- 1914 to be exact. A house in quite a bit of disrepair. We don't particularly like the house, but we love the neighborhood and the lot that the house currently sits on. My plan was to buy old house, move old house to new lot, fix and sell. Then build dream house on the lot. Somehow I convinced hubby this was a good plan. So, we started this project last spring and expected to be moved in and settled by now. Only we are still in the planning stages. The architect is almost finished and next comes the structural engineer. We need to interview one more builder and then select the builder, get financed, sell our house (which is not on the market yet) and then build. Piece of cake :)

So, what to do about little old house? We went back and forth. I called everyone to try to donate it. Apparently there is an oversupply of little old houses to be moved. We do not have a lot, so where do we move it? The house sits on a street called Lakeview. Only there is no lake view. And hubby's dream is to have a lake house. A dream he obsesses over constantly, to the point of driving to the dream lake 3 1/2 hours away regularly to drive around and look. He went on just such a mission last week. And found a lot. A lot where a house burned down, so it has utilities, a slab and a garage. All things our little old house needs. (Along with major structural and cosmetic repairs). So he puts an offer on the lot. And it is accepted.

And we still have not determined if the house can be moved, how much it will cost to repair or if the house could be moved to the lot we are purchasing. I used to be so methodical and rational.

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