Friday, January 12, 2007

Stress Counselor

One of the perks offered by my company is a stress counselor. It is a one hour session and she comes in once a week. I am wondering what she could tell me that would help me that I don't already know or that I could do something about. I work full time in a demanding job, have two small children, running two small companies, and have two small children. Not to mention that we are building our dream home and trying to prepare our current home for the market with two small children, a dog, a cat and two not so tidy adults living in it. I get as much sleep as I possibly can (usually 7 hours), try to eat as healthy as I have time for (which means too much eating out) and I am exercising regularly and taking a yoga/pilates class.

Maybe I'll go just to find out.

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Sara said...

Did you get any good suggestions? Send them this way! I gotta stop drinking so much at night to calm my nerves. :)