Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ack! New Year resolutioners....

I tried to escape from work a little early to have enough time to go home, change, get hubby, pick up the kids and get to my "Total Conditioning I must be nuts to love this" class at 5:45. I was stopped by my manager right before I headed out, so I was running behind schedule. We picked up the boy and we pass right by the gym before getting to the girl's school, so hubby dropped me off and went to get the girl. It was right at 5:45, so I jumped from the car and jogged up to the front. Apparently, after I started jogging, the boy exclaimed- "Run for your life girl!".

I hurried over to the locker room, found a locker, threw my stuff in and pushed through the masses of people to get the stairs to my class. I am about to walk in when I notice that every square inch of the room is in use and all the equipment is taken. Two more show up wanting to join the class. Disappointed, I take a deep breath and turn towards the cardio and weight areas. HOLY COW. I've never seen so many people!!!

We don't count as the blasted new year resolutioners since we joined weeks ago. I give it 2 weeks before it is noticeably less crowded. 4 before it is back to normal.

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Lee said...

Sadly, I suspect you are right.