Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Nothing to blog about

I'm always complaining that I have nothing to blog about. This typically occurs right after another funny kid story I've told Michael. He usually responds- what about what you just told me? And I ask, but how can I tell it without the hand motions?

So, here goes.

The other morning I am eating Grape-nuts and my son asks- 'Mom? What are you eating?' I reply rocks. He says he likes rocks and wants some too. So, I pour him a bowl of Grape-nuts. After the first bite he exclaims- Yuck! These rocks are terrible and proceeds to run to the bathroom to scrape the remaining cereal off his tongue. I laugh. Later he says asks if I can still taste the rocks because he can and they are yucky.

Last night feeling a bit (mild understatement here) stressed. So, after dinner I turn on some AC/DC and play air guitar with the boy. Then we practice karate in the kitchen. I do a roundhouse kick above his head and his eyes get really wide and he says- Cool! My daughter's laughing and singing. The sad part is that my kids think this is normal.

Last Friday evening, after a long week at work, I tried to rest a bit before the evening's festivities. I laid down on the couch while the kids played and closed my eyes for a moment. All of a sudden- WHACK! Something hits me. Hard. I open my eyes startled, thinking I have a crushed skull, and my daughter's standing right next to me, smiling, with a microphone in her hand. As I scurry off to get ice, I hear my son scolding her- 'You do not hit! How would you like it if I did that to you?'

So, now I'm sporting a black eye. And my son fell off the slide at school and fell on his ear which blew up to the size of a small blimp. And the next day, my daughter's booster seat was not attached right at my folk's house and she takes a nose dive to the tile floor and winds up with a swollen eye. My husband wouldn't be seen in public with the three of us.

Maybe I did have something to blog about.

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Michael said...

Funny stories. I'd say you have something to blog about. :)