Monday, February 21, 2005

Loch Ness Monster

When I am really stressed, it usually comes out in my dreams. Like last night. I dropped my kids off at my neighbor's pool. Unsupervised, but hey, they had on life jackets. Or at least my 19 month old did. Then I went next door. That's where I walked into this weird fantasy world. It was a jungle, with a river running through it and boulders covered with vines. The water was crystal clear.

This is where my memory gets fuzzy, but there was a man who'd been floating around in a lifeboat for what looked like many days. I swam over to help and that's when the loch ness monster attacked. It grabbed one of his near lifeless limbs and I didn't wait around to see what happened next. I swam to the nearest bank and the monster was right behind me. I scaled the boulders along the bank to safety. That's when I decided I needed to get out of there.

I left the jungle and went next door to get my kids. My husband and folks were there and were clearly upset that I'd left the kids unattended in a pool. I told then I just left for a second, but was really ashamed.

If you're a believer in dreams, I would think this has something to do with the fact that I haven't seen my kids much since we bought the rent house. We've spent a year and a half educating ourselves about real estate investing (which I spent a good part of the weekend in more training) and over and over the experts advise to work smarter, not harder. And what are we doing by trying to do most of it ourselves? And the very reason we're doing this- to spend more time with our kids means we spend less time with our kids.

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Anonymous said...

Dreams, mostly just the minds way of entertaining itself while it is performing the equivalent of a defrag. Or it could be symbolic or not. At least there were no snakes or tunnels involved.