Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I can't dance

Fine, I'll admit it. You happy? I want to dance well. I try to dance well. Hubby loves to make fun of me as I try out different styles. My real style is stuck in the 80's, he insists. So what? The 80's was good. But I've tried to update my moves and nothing feels natural.

The man suggested I watch more MTV. Only problem with that is they don't play videos anymore. But I managed to find one on VH1. Ahhh, gangsta rap. Now that's too easy. Bounce side to side and throw your hands up every once in a while with your hands like guns. He says I should become a rapper, as he laughs uncontrollably. I break into Vanilla Ice.

Next song, more rap, with the dancers shaking it. I can do that too. Doesn't quite look like that though. More laughter. I finally give up and find a country song. Line dancing. Now anyone can do that, no rhythm required. Only problem is I hate country. What does that leave me?


Anonymous said...

May I suggest SSQQ. You can find all kinds of dance classes offered by them in Leisure Learning and it is a great place to meet...well, never mind. You are already married.

I suffer from fundamentalist disease. Its main symptom is an inability to dance. Since I was exposed early I can't dance either.

Michael said...

I recommend SSQQ, too. Married couples can join, it's not just a singles thang.

Oh, and I'm a fundamentalist, but I can dance. :P