Thursday, December 02, 2004

Wonder where I've been?

Probably not, but I'll tell you anyway. Been busy! Seriously, hubby and I have been furthering our education to catapult our real estate investing into the realm of profitability. Several weeks ago, we attended a seminar for three entire days entitled "The Secrets of Closing the Deal" which was taught by Bill Twyford. His specializes in NLP, neural linguistic programming. Dry topic, but he made it interesting and fun to learn. As neither of us excel in sales, we felt this was important information to learn.

We have also discovered Robert Kiyosaki. He's most know for Rich Dad Poor Dad, but has many other books as well. Many of his philosophies are ones I believe in and have worked towards, but it helps when someone has already followed that path and can share their experience.

The problem with all of this knowledge is figuring out what to follow, who to believe, and how to not become paralyzed with too much information and put it all into action. We could spend the next 15 years attending seminars, listening to tapes, reading books and never accomplish a thing. Time to put our little bit of knowledge to use where it can really be dangerous.

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