Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Christmas in August

I went to Garden Ridge to buy a simple black shelf that was on sale. After wandering around aimlessly, I finally found an employee and asked where I could find them. She pointed me first in the craft area. No, I want the ones that are prefinished. Oh, those will be in furniture. After roaming furniture for several minutes, I finally locate another employee. This one's walking fast and is hard to catch. Excuse me! Where can I find the wall shelves? Oh, they're in the craft section. No, I want the prefinished ones. I'm not sure where those are located. I locate someone new because third time's a charm, right? Where can I find the wall shelves that were advertised for $9.99 that are normally $19.99 and come in three different finishes? (I'm getting wiser, can you tell?) Oh, we're out of those.

Now what does any of this have to do with Christmas? When I first walk in to Garden Ridge, I'm bombarded by Halloween decorations. Panic sets in because I haven't bought the kid's costumes yet. I calm down when I realize it's only the beginning of August. The next section I come to is Christmas decorations!! In August. That's just wrong, whatever way you look at it.

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Anonymous said...

I make it a rule to boycott any store that puts up Christmas displays before Halloween. I don't get to shop much.

p.s. I'm not really Anonymous, that's just my stage name.