Monday, July 13, 2009


I am more than a little curious with the level of hysteria that seems to be bubbling right under the surface. Rumors of ammunition shortages from people stocking up. People stating over and over in various conversations "we just don't know what is going to happen". While searching for the Feingold approved dino nuggets on the Costco website, I come across a whole selection of shelf stable, prepackaged foods. A 6 month, 4 person supply for 2 grand and people are buying this?

Is it normal human nature to assume the worst will happen? Are we entering another 'cold war era' where everyone builds underground bunkers and stocks it with supplies? Am I missing something by not buying into all of it?


Sara said...

Totally. You should be growing your own food and milling your grains, too.

(I don't get it either, but read about some people who do that, too. Talk about really being off the grid!)

I think this is a sign: my word verification is "psioch" that's close enough to "psyche!" for me.

Doug Green said...

For some, it is all about making a buck. Appealing to emotion is one of the basic selling techniques and fear is just about the strongest emotion there is.

Doug Green said...

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