Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brutally honest, so maybe tone deaf?

One of our favorite family television programs is America's Got Talent. It is one of the few programs that we all enjoy. Mythbusters also falls into this category. Whenever a singer is on, the kids turn to me and say I should go on the show. Every time they then as me to sing something just to confirm. Then Bubby sings and he insists he would win. Then Smoochie sings and Bubby says she wouldn't win. Then Daddy sings and we all laugh.

The funny thing is, the kids are brutally honest, although Smoochie is usually able to soften the blow. For example, Bubby telling me that I need to go on Biggest Loser. Smoochie just tells me that I'm not skinny. Back to the singing, I can carry a tune, but I am certainly no rock star. So I find it amusing the kids think I could go on America's Got Talent and not get booed off the stage.

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