Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yes, I know

I'm not doing any better keeping up. We've had a tough few weeks around the Spritzy household. Sudsy had quite a run. First, he came down with a fever. Didn't think too much of it until it hit 104.5 a few days in. Then we started to get concerned. Doctor drew blood and it was most likely due to a virus but he was also showing signs of an ear infection. The day his fever spiked, he had an appointment with the eye doctor to finally do something about his blocked tear duct. The doctor was able to open it up in office (while strapping him down and having two nurses hold him down and puncture the thing with a long needle and me trying to comfort him from a distance!!!) but we are thankful he did not have to undergo an operation with anethesia. Yet, anyways. 90% succcess rate, but he does seem to have a little discharge again so it may have closed up.

So, Susdy was on oral antibiotics for the ear infection and antibiotic eye drops for the tear duct probing. And not sleeping at night for an entire week, of course. Things seem to be looking up until he starts coughing and wheezing and having difficulty breathing. Back to the doctor and after a nebulizer treatment, he shows improvement. Several days of albuterol treatments (round the clock, every 4 hours) and his breathing is back to normal, and the cough is finally starting to disappear.

It's no wonder that 10+ inches of rain and lightning and thundering all night didn't wake us up. Only clue to the events of the evening before was the fact that school was cancelled and the roads were under water. Thankfully Bubby caught the information about school on the radio.

Did I forget to mention the fleas? Not sure how that slipped my mind, but I found out Saturday my HOUSE was INFESTED with FLEAS. Sorry to yell. Pest control companies are closed on the weekend and there was no way I was living like that until Monday. Fortunatly, my parents saved the day. Mom took the kids to her house and Dad and I vaccumed, sprayed, spreaded, bombed and told those fleas what they could do with themselves. Talk about disgusting.

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Sara said...

And "dipped" the dog and cats?... When we moved down here, we brought two cats into my in-laws' house and their flea problem became a catastrophe. When we moved out a couple months later, we took the cats to the vet, had them "dipped" and went straight to our apartment. Never saw another flea. Hey, I know - sounds like this would be the perfect time for you to move again!!! :)

P.S. My word verification is "ebolit". Sounds like an interesting strain of ebola that's probably coming you way next.