Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello blog!

With my facebook obsession, it's so hard to find the time to blog. I can write some cheap on-liner and be done with it. Here, I have to actually write words to form a coherent sentence to then complete a paragraph.

So, enough excuses. My birthday came and went and hubby bought me a nice cake from Whole Foods. I had to call and ask for the ingredients in the icing to make sure it was Feingold approved and it past the test. Good to know I don't have to make cakes from scratch anymore!

We went to our favorite B&B, the Inn Above Onion Creek, with our business partners for our annual meeting. It was nice and relaxing and we did get our goals for the year hammered out.

The Easter bunny found lots of Feingold approved candy and the kids went crazy as they had not had candy since we started the whole deal.

I should get around to posting pictures soon.

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