Monday, October 29, 2007

It's a ......

Boy! Not that I was surprised- I was fairly confident since I was first pregnant. Actually, I knew I'd have a boy then a girl than a boy. Everything looks good, growth right on track.

The weekend was nice. The boy played with friends on the street most of the day Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning, Mom and I drove halfway across town to spend 10 minutes at a place that sells stone to pick out the slate for the hearth then scrambled around looking for birthday presents. Saturday afternoon, hubby took the boy to a birthday party (hence the scrambling for the presents) and the girl and I checked out the ArBOOretum. Sunday, I sorted through the piles of mail and got caught up on our books for both businesses. We ate dinner at the in-laws last evening. It's nice when hubby's home for the weekend.

I'll try to take some pictures of the house and post soon. It really looks like a house now. Electric fixtures should all be installed today. The stairs are halfway stained. Kitchen cabinet doors painted and installed this week, along with all the hardware. Counter tops go in Thursday or Friday. HVAC wrapped up the end of this week. Electricity run by the middle of this week, gas is going in today. Water turned on today, so the plumber can install fixtures and toilets. Hopefully, the trim work will also be complete so the touch up painted can be finished by the end of this week, beginning of next. That just leaves flooring and the final cleaning, I think. It will still probably be a month more, though. Just trying not to get my hopes up.


Sara said...

Congratulations! Is the boy happy that he'll have a little brother now?

Oh, hey! How was ArBOOretum? We had talked about going, but then my company picnic was that day, so we didn't make it.

Courtney said...

The ArBooretum was ok. Fine if you're a member, not worth the $10 a head if you're not.

Yes, the boy was excited. The girl didn't have a reaction. My doctor expressed her condolences :)