Friday, October 05, 2007

It was the best of days....and the worst of days

Yesterday started off great. Even though I had to wake up an hour earlier than usual, all was right with the world as I was heading across town to play in a golf tournament on one of the most perfect days since last spring. We didn't win, be we did have a great time and I actually had some good hits despite the fact that is has been 4 months since I've touched a golf club.

Yesterday afternoon was parent/teacher conferences. Now I knew it was not going to be pretty for several reasons. First, it involves my son. Second, his teacher has the reputation of being the meanest teacher the school. Third, I have been getting notes home with the same theme- he doesn't listen! Not cooperating! And lately, they are written in all caps, underlined with many exclamations marks following.

Of course hubby has perfect timing and is out of town for this event. Right when I walked into the classroom, she jumps on me because the boy did not put his things back in his desk at the end of the day. Yes, the only one in the room who did not. It went downhill from there. She thinks he does not receive any structure or discipline at home and that he is disrespectful. I can see how she would get that impression, but I do not think she knows who she is dealing with. I've been known to scare friends when I throw the kids 'the look'. And I never, ever cave and we have been structured and disciplined with him since he was a young toddler and already becoming quite the handful. The 30 minute supposed to be only 10 minute discussion ended with her saying that he will not win. And some alluding to corporal punishment on our part and locking him up in a sparse, nothing but a bed and a book bedroom. It was times like these that make me really regret I can't down a fifth of whiskey. Or even a shot.

We're considering seeing a professional to help us deal with him. It is possible that we are doing something terribly, terribly wrong. Or at least they can help us deal with the anger building up because of his behaviour.


Lee said...

Notes from the teacher - a parent's nightmare. It is very hard to step outside and see things as others do, so an external opinion my be useful. That doesn't mean that the teacher's necessarily right, just that someone without emotional attachments may be able to give an objective view.

Sara said...

Our preschool teacher gave us some really good advice last night. You know our son has a really, really, really hard time sitting still to do anything. And I worry about him going to "real" school next year where he will be expected to actually sit in a seat for more than 5 minutes at a time.

So, our preschool teacher suggested that we get him a squeezy ball or something else that will allow him to move at least part of his body and distract him enough to maybe get him to sit still for awhile.

I don't know if B has problems with moving, but that might be one thing to try to occupy a little of his roaming mind and energy.